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Our Design Service

Sync IT Online can build you a new, better website using the latest technology. We build websites so that our customers can easily edit their site as they need. If you are the type who wants to be able to your own website whenever you want then Sync IT Online is what you want. We specialize in WordPress website development and we set ALLĀ  our websites up so that you can just select the text you want to change and make those changes on the fly and publish those changes in seconds. With WordPress we can also add on additional features quickly and easily. With a website this flexible, you'll actually enjoy running your website!

Sync IT Online also develops all our sites using Website Security Best Practices. Each one of our websites is secured using SSL encryption so that your visitors cannot be spied on. We also employ security apps to monitor and secure your website from hackers and unwanted changes. We also back up all our sites so that if your site does ever get compromised we can recover your website quickly. Our staff can also update your website regularly to make sure all security patches are installed, keeping you safe from even the newest website exploits. We take website security very seriously and take great pains to protect our clients from hacking attempts.