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Who we are

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Sync IT Online was started by our founder Andrew who wasn't always so tech savvy. As he put it "Before I got into the IT profession, all I really knew was that that button turned on the computer and these buttons made words appear on the screen". One day, while studying engineering at the University of Texas, his computer broke and he was too poor to afford a new one. So he set out to figure out how he could go about fixing it. He researched and watched youtube videos on how to open a laptop and start pulling out parts. After he finished fixing his computer, he realized that he really enjoyed working on the project. It was then that he said to himself "Ok, I can see this as a career". He spent years working for companies in many different roles, gobbling up whatever knowledge and experience he could.

Sync IT Online was founded in 2017 after Andrew found himself always finding better and less expensive solutions to problems the companies he worked for had. The companies would be talking with managed service IT partners asking "how can we do this and spend the least amount of money". He saw these IT companies offer expensive and complex solutions that never made things simpler. The company would also inevitably be left to themselves to figure out how fix it once it broke. Andrew decided that he could do better for these companies and so Sync IT Online was founded!

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What we do

We keep it simple

It all starts with understanding what the client ultimately needs to fix. Sync IT Online offers the first consultation free because we know that often, our clients don't know what they don't know and so don't know how to ask for it. We spend that first consultation getting to know your company and how they operate. We look at where you are struggling and why. With that knowledge, we can come back to you with several solutions to fix that issue for you. You see we don't offer canned solutions or one single product that we pitch as the solution. That is what separates us from the rest. We get a better understanding of what you need and offer custom solutions to fit that exact need. No two companies are the same and neither should be the solution.

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